Thursday, October 8, 2020

Losing the Word in the Temple....Have We?

I've wrestled with where to start this morning's post, but finally landed here, with this comment regarding the Scriptures - a quote I read this week on a social media post, that has left me aching inside:

Don't miss the part that is underlined, for the rest that surrounds the quote is spiritual and true, but unless we add to those words, direction from the "ancient book," whatever we do for the poor and marginalized is offset and results in nothing but "chasing after the wind."


A couple days ago, I posted this on FB: 

In case you can't read the comment it says, "ON THIS DAY, Oct 6, 1536, William Tyndale was burned at the stake that we might have this book in our hands in English. I am humbled and grateful. This "ancient book" changes my l life daily and I thank the Lord for t he gift of comfort, guidance, challenge, wisdom, warning, teaching, and even rebuke that it brings. I am better because I have in my hands THE HOLY WORD OF GOD. It is relevant for every matter I face...."

Truly, I am grateful for those who have given EVERYTHING that I can benefit from "this ancient book." 

Back in March of 2017, Bay and I were in Brentwood, England taking a walk through town. We came upon this monument: 

A mere 19 years after Tyndale's execution, a young 19 year old, William Hunter, was burned at the stake in this little community. His crime? Well, he was caught "reading the Bible for himself" in Brentwood Chapel. 

During Tyndale's trial, he made this statement: 

How far we have come, but, I wonder, are we beginning to regress?

Are we beginning to lose appreciation for this incredible gift? 

Do we take for granted the HOLY SCRIPTURES, the Lord has allowed us to have in our hands?

Are we losing the integrity of The Word of the Lord in our lives?

Recent research showed me that many publishers of our Bibles, in recent years, have eliminated the word "holy" from the title. 

Yet, our bibles will always be "set apart words to guide us into set apart living." 

Jesus made it a point to remind us down through the ages that God's Words are exactly for this purpose: 


As I continue to study the background for the little book of Habakkuk, I went back to examine what was happening in Israel and Judah at the time the prophet wrote (approximately 640-615 BC).

Habakkuk and Jeremiah were contemporaries. Both of them spoke words of warning, and prophesied against the nation of Judah. 

At the time, Israel (the Northern Kingdom) had already been given multiple chances of repenting and returning to the Lord, but had blatantly rebelled. 

Judah (the Southern Kingdom) watched as the Assyrians swept in and conquered Israel just as Isaiah had prophesied (and by conquer, I mean horrible destruction and unspeakable atrocities) and carried the people off into captivity. 

I must remind you that the Lord is slow to anger...and equally, if not more, as slow to bring judgment.

Israel had ample time to RETURN to the Lord. 

But, she didn't....

Judah observed all this...

She knew exactly why the Lord allowed the Assyrians to carry Israel away....and, now echoing the same prophetic judgment, as those who warned Israel, she received her own opportunity.

"Return to me..." said the Lord through the prophet Jeremiah.

"Stop listening to deceptive words...."

"Do not put your trust in them..." 

Josiah is King of Judah.

He was eight years old when he came into power. 


As Jeremiah prophesied, Josiah began to make some reforms (by now, he was 26).

He started in the temple, which was in ruins...

First, he sent in a cleaning crew...more than ruins needed to be swept away, the immorality inside God's holy temple was obscene (even some of the temple "priests" had become male prostitutes)!

After that, came a remodeling crew.

In the midst of the REMODEL, one of the workers FOUND the Word of the Lord/the Book of the Law (this is all found in 2 Kings 22 and 23).

Just sit with this a minute.

To find something, means that something was lost....

Simple reasoning concludes:


I am the temple of the Lord....

Those who walk with Jesus, and who have invited Him to rule and reign in their hearts, are HIS TEMPLE, too.

What are we doing with His WORD?

Is it lost in the temple?

Definition of lost - AGAIN, SIT WITH THIS: 

Unable to find one's way...

Very confused, or insecure, or in great difficulty

Not using advantageously, to "waste"

To be defeated

To be broken or destroyed

Ever felt this way? 

In my mind, there is a heart-connection...

If I feel lost, what I often find is that the Word of the Lord has been lost in the temple (me).

If I'm unable to find my way - I need the Word.

When confused, feeling insecure, struggling - I need the Word.

If the enemy gets the upper hand, and I'm finding myself defeated, discouraged, distressed - I need the Word.

And, in times I've been broken, you guessed it - I've needed the Word.

And so I ask: Are we losing the Word of God in the church today? 

I am desperate for the WORD daily....

May it never be "lost" in me!


There's more to this story....I'll tell you what happened when the Word of the Lord was FOUND and given to the people next week. Smile. 


PS. As I look again at the definition of "lost," I see our beloved country. Don't you? We are confused, losing our way, wasting our energy on divisive issues, feeling discouraged and, yes, a bit broken during this craziness of 2020. 

America - we need to find the Word that has been lost to us. That ancient book is still relevant IN EVERY WAY & FOR EVERYTHING today!!!

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