Thursday, October 29, 2020

There is a "Wee Corker" Inside Us All....Lessons from Habakkuk

You could attach a lot of terms of endearment to this one...

Here are a few, I often choose:

Snuggle bunny.

Sweet cheeks.

Little peach.

Sugar bug.



Cutie pie.

Spicy pepper.

But, the one that fits her best (my all-around go-to word, for this extroverted, people-loving, active, smiley, joy-filled little two-year-old grand-treasure), I have borrowed from the shores of Ireland.

She is truly a "wee corker."

I should probably submit her photo (I've plenty to choose from) for Ireland's next updated picture-dictionary.

Let me give you a back-drop for the story to come.

All our family made it home over the last week (well, all but one, who had to work and had a previous commitment he couldn't change in a university competition).

It was a joyful time together, as always is. 

I love just listening to them interact...especially the laughter!

And, together, we celebrated in our oldest daughter's happiness as she was joined in marriage to a fun new addition that will undoubtedly make this group joke and laugh even more than normal. 

Welcome, Todd!

All that to say, we have been on the go. 

So, naps for our "wee corker" were....well, non-existent.

Her schedule "fell off the map" due to time change, as well as, the craziness that abounded in this house when you have a wedding for all, hunting for some, and virtual schooling for many. 

On the very same day, I kind-of "hit the tired-out-wall," so did she.

All she wanted was to come join the fun in the big house (she was staying with her parents in Gramma's little house).

Mama wanted to make the bed first.

So....she did what any two-year-old might to show her frustration............................she bit the bed. 

Mama saw a heart of defiance and let her know that was unacceptable.

So, the wee corker looked mama in the eye, and bent down and bit the bed a second time.

She promptly went into time out.

When the timer went off signaling the end, all she had to do was acknowledge her sin and say, "I'm sorry, mommy, for biting the bed."


No way was she about to do it.

She'd say, "I'm sorry, mommy."

But, not on your life, would she say for what she was sorry.

No sir!

So, she entered in the fight of her life to finally get to a place of submission.

Needless to say, the battle lasted a while.

Mom won. 

But, you'd have thought she had, for when she came back over to join the rest of the family, she was as happy and joyful as could be. 

When asked why she wouldn't just add "for biting the bed" to her "I'm sorry," the wee corker said, "Because I don't want to...."

And, there it is. 

Our want-to is often what drives our behavior. 

And, sadly, our want-to is often in contradiction to the Lord's will.

What "feels" best, the thing we "desire," the stubbornness of our hearts, the defiance and independence of our human nature, it's all part of what puts us in a world of hurt. 

Following our own path often leads to "destruction (Prov. 14:12)."

And, often demanding our own way has a definite repercussion on others, as well.

In this case, our little sassafras' attitude affected the whole bunch of us. 

It definitely affected her mommy and daddy who had to deal with her. 

All they wanted was for their sweet cheeks to line her attitude and behavior up with what was right and good...

They wanted a revival, a renewal, of her spirit that began with humility and ended up bending the knee to their that one day, she wouldn't be a rebellious adult, demanding her own way in a world full of other demanders. 

Whenever someone joins in the howling, making demands for their own want-to, the world about us ends up with chaos. 

We are all touched by it (and not in a good way).

It is this same kind of chaos Habakkuk saw in the people of Judah.

Everyone wanted to do what was "right in their own eyes."

It had been their problem for centuries. 

All Habakkuk wanted was a revival, a renewal of spirit that begins with humility and would end in bending the knee to Almighty God and His righteous ways.

God, however, had other plans...just like our spicy little pepper's parents.

Instead of an immediate revival (which as we've already seen is not lasting, but temporary), there were consequences to face.

Those consequences would not be pleasant.

They would affect everyone. 

But, the Lord had a plan to eliminate the chaos, to stop the crazy cycle of everyone "doing what was right in their own eyes."

They wouldn't like their time-out either.

It would last for years (70 to be exact).

But, they would eventually "return" in humbleness and submission to the Lord.

This is a very simplistic view of Habakkuk's plea and how the Lord would lead His people back to what was right and good...

There is another day coming, when the Lord will bring judgment, for what we have done with His truth, His plan for redemption, and how our lives line up with His will and His way.

What we should desire is not our own "want-to," but His. 

What we should long for is His righteousness in our lives.

For the "way of the Lord is perfect and righteous altogether (Psalm 18:30)..."

We find LIFE ABUNDANT in Jesus, following after Him (John 10:10)...

...and, if we're going to "adult well" as Jesus-followers, we start with bending the knee of our hearts in humility and surrender. 

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