Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter: It's a BIG DEAL!


Several weeks ago, I had a conversation with my little grandson, Ethan.  We'd spent the weekend together, and as I was driving him home, I was curious how much he understood the "Holyday" that was coming up soon.  Here was the conversation:

Me:  Ethan, do you know what holiday comes after your spring break?

E:  I don’t know!

Me:  Easter!

E:  Oh, Easter…yay!  We get to go hunt Easter eggs and look for money!

Me:  Yeah, you do!  That’s so fun.  But, E, why do we celebrate Easter?

E:  I don’t know…

Me:  We celebrate Easter, because Jesus died on a cross and three days later, on Sunday morning, he came back to life.  He died and came back to life again.  It’s a big deal, E!  (Pause) So, why do we celebrate Easter?

E (shouting loudly):  Because it’s a BIG DEAL!

He’s right.  If that’s all we remember, it’s enough.  Easter is a BIG DEAL!  It changes everything for those of us, who recognize we are separated from God the Father by a huge gulf of sin, and we need a Savior – someone who can bridge the gulf, by taking our sins.  ONLY JESUS could do that…  So, he died & was buried and paid the price for our sins, covering them with his blood; and he came back to life (we call that resurrection) to give us a victorious way to live…

Easter is a BIG DEAL!  I pray none of us ever forget it…and that we loudly shout it as often as we can!

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