Thursday, April 12, 2018

This One Thing We DO With Hope

Discovering hope in the midst of life's trials has only one response.

No, it's not weeping, although sometimes finding hope in the middle of hardship makes me weepy, just not with sadness.

It's not sighing, as in an "Ok-I-can-tolerate-this-now" kind of a sigh.

It's not even gritting my teeth and pushing through.

Nor is it necessarily doing the spiritual thing - praying...although praying is never a bad idea.

Our one response:


It's woven throughout the Scriptures, but stated succinctly in Romans 5:2, 12:12:

There are two words used for "rejoicing" throughout the New Testament.

One word (the one used in Romans 5:2, which precedes talk about the purposes behind our trials) is a Greek word, where we get our English word cacophony.  It looks a lot like ostentatious bragging. It's an outward exhibition of our internal hope.

The other word (used in Romans 12:12) is an internal settledness that matches our internal hope. It looks a lot like a calmness of spirit that is connected to a joy unexplainable.  When the song-writer penned the words to It Is Well With My Soul, this is exactly what was precipitating his lyrics.

Rejoicing is a stand-out quality.

It's an inner and outer expression of those who cling to hope...

It stands out because it is so contagious...

....and contrary...

...contrary to what anyone watching from the outside would expect.

To rejoice in hope is a true testimony of our faith, without ever having to mention the source of our hope (although, who can keep quiet about HIM?????)...

So, the Apostle Paul encourages us all...

Continue in hope, not with a quiet endurance, but a genuine, exuberant portrayal of our belief in God's YES....

(Romans 15:13)

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