Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ready or Not....He's Coming!

 I know everyone's social media feeds look different, but yesterday mine seemed full of September greetings. 

Always one ready to welcome the start of fall, I find myself dragging my feet this year (just a wee bit). 

Summer simply slipped by way too fast (and, I only got out on my paddle board about three times - sigh).

Yet, as I turned the page on my calendar to a new month. it seemed like the weather was in co-operation with the onset of my normally favorite time of the year. 

The signs are here.

As I went for a morning walk, I spied the emergence of changing colors, indicating that whether I am ready or not, here comes fall. 


When last I wrote a blog post, the Lord clearly called me to a season of "sabbath."

His words to me, through Scripture, evidenced a sweet invitation to just "come." 

Little did I know then how much I would need the space to simply be with Him and pour out my heart, even as I listened for His voice speaking life into me. 

On June 29th (last posting), I wasn't certain if I'd pick my blog back up or not... 

I'm still unsure, to be honest, but I'd committed to a summer Sabbatical, and with the coming of September felt that commitment complete. 

What I do think is that I will not be quick to write, nor, necessarily, write as consistently as once a week. 

My newest resolve is to only "speak" as I feel led and compelled with a clear message from the Lord.

So, what that looks like remains to be determined. 


That said, back to the changing season and my calendar...

As I prep for all that's coming during the month ahead, I took note that the first holidays to be observed fall on the same day: September 6th.

In America, we celebrate Labor Day, and it coincides with the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hoshanah (or Feast of Trumpets). 

I'll zero in on the latter. 

Here's what I know about Rosh Hoshanah (simplified):

1. It is a two day period of time set apart to celebrate the Jewish "new year (it falls between September 6-8 of 2021)." The celebration connects with the onset of the new moon (not a full moon, which is easier to determine), but the new moon - that sliver in the sky that is sometimes hard to detect. one knows exactly which day the new moon will begin to shine in the darkness. Once spotted by at least two witnesses, who inform the High Priest, the festivities begin. 

2. In Jewish culture, the Feast of the Trumpets is known as the "feast of awakening blasts." Over nine different sessions, the priests will blow the shofar eleven times, followed with one long and loud 100th trumpeting. The purpose: "to awake those who are sleeping (in a spiritual sense)..."

3. Called by yet another name, Yo Ha Din (Day of Judgment), Jewish participants recognize this as a time when the Lord will "weigh the right vs. wrong of individual lives."

4. If three names aren't enough, a fourth emerges: Yom Hazikaron (The Day of Remembrance). It's a day to look back and celebrate God's watch care, His shepherding over His people...and, our Jewish brothers and sisters will pray that the Lord will continue to "remember" those who are His in the coming new year.

5. For Jews still waiting on the Messiah (although, you and I know He has already come!!!), Rosh Hoshanah is set aside as the wedding day of their long anticipated Bridegroom... They celebrate with a looking forward to that day of His coming...

Ah....but what does Rosh Hoshanah have to do with Jesus-Followers?

Glad you asked (ok, you didn't, but as I dug into the holiday, I did…)

Like almost all Jewish feasts and celebrations, the Feast of Trumpets links us to New Testament teachings and prophecy. 

Much about this season is a reminder that our Redeemer is coming again...

1. No one knows the day or the hour (Mark 13:32-33)...

2. He will come with the sound of a trumpet blast (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). 

3. He will come for those who are His (Luke 17:34-36)...sadly, some will be "sleeping" (just as they were when He came the first time)!

4. He will come with judgement (Revelation 22:12-13).

5. He will come for His bride - the church (John 14:2-4 full of Jewish wedding language).

As a "new season" is upon us, Paul reminds us to encourage one another with these words: 

Jesus is coming again!

(1 Thessalonians 4:18)

The signs are here...

So, write on your calendars "Feast of Trumpets" (and circle it with hearts) - in a topsy-turvy world, let's remember to celebrate this one for-certain-truth. 

Let's get ready, Bride of Jesus...your bridegroom could be near. 

For those who don't yet know Him as Savior, I pray no one is unprepared for His arrival; just in case ****see below...

Ready or not....He is coming for His own...


**** If you're not sure you are "ready" for the's a link to a video presentation my husband just made, titled "Ready or Not..."

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