Thursday, May 19, 2022

Who Do You Say I Am? Why Does It Matter?

Last January, as I sat contemplating a "word" from the Lord on which to focus in 2022, nothing seemed to register with me.  

I tried on different words like one might try on a new outfit for purchase at a favorite clothing store, but "notta"...nothing seemed quite right.

At the same time, it seemed like one little prefix kept presenting itself...

A simple little syllable that precedes a variety of different words.

Two little letters that, when squished together, mean: to do again,  or, to go back and do over that which you did in the beginning…” 


Because you weren’t doing it right…but for the purposes of doing “better”…or “perfecting”….or, my personal favorite, for the purpose of “MATURING…”

So, since the beginning of 2022, I zeroed in on "RE:"

Re-reading some meaningful books from years back, from authors who've inspired me along the way in ministry.

Re-visiting our ministry mission statement and why we do what we do.

Re-organizing old files...

Re-learning old lessons...



And, even some re-writing...

So, it is with this next series I'll be posting week-to-week on this blog site. 

It's a series, I started working on 11 years ago this month. 

(Back then, I still served as Dean of Women at Arizona Christian University...)

This series, I soon recognized as crucial for walking college women through a concrete understanding of their identity in Jesus...and, it's true for all of us: adults, college students, teens: 

until we know our Savior up-close and personal, we can't truly live out our identity in Christ. 

Out of who He is...I am.

So, over the next few weeks, my goal is to re-engage with just who Jesus says He is...and, with this, dig into the "I am" statements from the gospels. 

I have to admit, beginning a series, such as the one on which I'm about to embark, feels much like preparing to explore some deep oceanic waters.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean, having been raised in a little sea-side community.  

To this day, no place on earth brings me more of a sense of peace than sitting on a sandy shore.  

However, to be honest, I have a healthy fear of deep water.  

The vastness and dark depths overwhelm me and, sometimes, panic sets into my soul.  

So, this is a bit how I feel in regards to submerging myself into the “I Am” statements of Jesus (overwhelmed by the limitlessness).  


On the other hand, if I don’t truly know Him, I won’t trust Him.  
If I don’t know Him, I won’t believe what He tells me.  
If I don’t know Him, I can’t really love Him; and, it is love that drives out all fear (1 John 4:18).  
Knowing is the hinge on which everything turns in regards to the Christian journey.  
 Recently, as I’ve saturated myself in the Psalms (particularly the ones King David wrote), I’ve noticed a pattern (simply read one Psalm a day for the next month and I think you’ll see the same pattern).  
I love this man’s honesty – he shamelessly pours out the mess of his heart to God. 
He's familiar with lament...and does it well! 
Sometimes, he brutally accuses his Lord.  
Then, David starts talking to himself.  He reminds himself just who his God is and how faithful his God has been.  
Before you realize that David has placed a period at the end of a sentence, he’s going off in praise.  
His attitude has changed and you read the words of a confident, courageous, content man (who is able to sleep in peace in spite of his situation).  
Confident, courageous, content...In this fashion, I want to be just like David; and, intimately knowing the Lord is the key!
So while sandy beaches are safe, the real beauty is beneath the surface of the water – out in the scary depths of the sea.  
I might need a little practice learning to breathe (maybe in my bathtub first), but I’m ready to go diving!  

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