Thursday, June 16, 2022

I Am...a God of Nevertheless!

While this isn’t an actual “I Am” statement of Jesus, this is an “I Am,” nevertheless.   

This week I was reading through Psalm 106, and my eyes stopped reading several times, because of one word.  

It is a sweet word.  A hopeful word.  A cleansing word.  

A word promising a better tomorrow: a do-over!  

It is a word that really can only, wholly be fulfilled from the heart of a God of lovingkindness.  

The Word?


God's children...their hearts were hardened…NEVERTHELESS.
They rebelled…NEVERTHELESS.
They provoked God to wrath…NEVERTHELESS.
They served idols…NEVERTHELESS.
They played the harlot…NEVERTHELESS.
They even sacrificed their sons and daughters to demons…NEVERTHELESS.
They became unclean in their practices…NEVERTHELESS.
They grumbled…NEVERTHELESS.
They were jealous…NEVERTHELESS.
They sinned, committed iniquity, & behaved wickedly…NEVERTHELESS.
They forgot God’s abundant kindnesses…NEVERTHELESS.
They craved, they lusted, & they tempted God…NEVERTHELESS.
They exchanged their glory (God) for the image of an ox…NEVERTHELESS.

Yes, there were consequences.  Some died; experienced disease; were swallowed up; carried off to foreign lands as slaves; provoked God’s anger, and, He even abhorred His inheritance…NEVERTHELESS!

Nevertheless, the Lord looked upon their distress, He when heard their cry!
Psalm 106:44

He heard their cries.
Looked upon their distress.
Remembered His covenant.
He was sorry according to the GREATNESS of His lovingkindness.
Many times He would deliver them.

They received salvation that He might make His power known.
He redeemed them.  
Rescued them.  
Gave them new beginnings and fresh starts.  

Praise the Lord!  O Give thanks to the Lord for He is good.  His lovingkindness is everlasting.
(Psalm 106:1)

May the “NEVERTHELESS-es” in my life always lead me to NEVER AGAINS!

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