Thursday, July 7, 2022

A 4th of July Lament

Warning & FYI: this is the beginning of an after 4th of July lament that began a few weeks back. 

I'm mentally putting pieces of thoughts into one place - creating a file for handy reference.

Perhaps this has crossed your mind, as well...

So, I'll gladly accept your thoughts and laments.


My mind is torn this morning on how to live in a world where evil is ever increasing.......and, called good

(As a side, good is also called evil.)

I never thought I'd live to see it so blatantly. 

It shouldn't surprise me.

Scripture warns us of it; and, adds a "woe" to those folks who buy into it. 

Definition:  "Woe" in God's Word is an exclamation of grief that comes from a heart broken by stubborn blindness of God's people.

I've been struggling with this whole dilemma for a couple of weeks.

Bay and I were headed out to my birthday dinner, when I noticed a sign in front of one of our local bars. the sign invited those interested to a "Pride Party" for that same evening from 7 PM to 11 PM.

Now, I know what the intent was: it was a closing celebration for the completion of June's "Pride Month." 

When we think of Pride Month, it is usually followed by a string of letters (that seems to keep growing) reminding Americans to be more inclusive of those who live by the letters which represent their specific Gender Identity.


In fact, I'm removing the whole concept of LGBTQIA+!

It's the whole notion of celebrating "pride" that shocked me.

I shook my head ------like that might help the whole idea fall into into a file somewhere up there in my brain...register in my mind in a way that made sense...

My first question:

When did pride lose its status as the #1 sin of the 7 DEADLY SINS, so generally accepted for centuries???

My second:

When did God's Word change in regard to pride? Here's just a sampling....

Oh, listen, I recognize I, too, use the word flippantly.

I tell the grands how proud I am of them far too frequently, when what I mean is I'm extremely pleased, thankful, delighted in, and encouraged by the good I see them doing. Perhaps I need to re-think my verbiage!

Yet, in America, we are encouraging, to the likely potential our very destruction, celebrations that focus on our self-centered desires (definition of pride)!!!!

We are partying in favor of playing God!!! 

We are encouraging evil!!!

Instead, as followers of Jesus, we should be lamenting.

For Americans to celebrate evil so easily (I'm reminding you, I've removed the Gender Identity piece, and we are talking simply of the sin of pride) is to invite God's opposition, His destruction, His detestation...

The Word of God is clear: 


BUT....I love my country!

Greatest country in the world (BTW-I've lived overseas, and I've traveled some bit out of this country)!

AND, YET this holiday, I lament for my country. 

There's no way a pride party is exclusive to small town America. It's everywhere...

We must remember what really caused the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and not let history repeat itself:

So, lament and grieve we must if we are to protect this land that the majority of us have come to enjoy!

But, to lament, where do we begin?

Here are a few thoughts I've followed as I cry out my grief for this country:

1. Laments typically open with an address (see Psalm 22: "My God, My God")

2. Psalms of lament will contain a complaint (see Psalm 44:22)

3. Laments then turn to a request from the Lord (see Psalm 44:23)

4. Finally, laments always end with a declaration of trust in God as the writer remembers God's faithfulness in the past (see Psalm 13:5).

To be honest, I'm still working on my lament. It's unpublishable at present. But with this little outline, would you join me in lamenting for America, asking our sweet Lord to bring back a desire for HUMILITY, requesting His protection for this land, and remembering His faithfulness to us for these 246 years!

Sure would love to see your laments! 

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