Thursday, November 16, 2023

TO THE FULL....The Muchness and Generosity of God


I ended last week's blog with these words:

Jesus has a propensity that leans toward filling things to the full and overflowing. 
In fact, He seems to get great joy in doing so!

Then, in faith closed with these final words:

"I'm pretty sure that's just around the corner."

By that afternoon, I'd secluded myself in a little personal space of "solitude and silence" to pray about an upcoming topic for a speaking event I have next Tuesday morning. 

It's for a Zoom meeting I do about once a month.

Not a large group of gals attend (this is just one screen shot), but they come from all over the world, where they are serving globally.

We began in 2020 during COVID isolation, and have maintained a little online family.

I enjoy these gals, and am honored to be allowed to "spur them on," as they frequently do me! 

Once again, in that place of rest and simplicity, as I began to reflect on the blog I had just written, the Lord began to fill the "net."

What struck me during that time hovered around the "muchness" and "overflow" of our God.

He doesn't just fill...

He's more than generous.

What Jesus fills, overflows! ALWAYS!

The muchness and generosity of Jesus became evident in the casting of nets; in filling of wine jars; in feeding the 5000 + on a hillside (with 12 baskets left over); in healing sick bodies so they could immediately get up and serve with added energy; in the dead brought back from the grave days after decomposition should have already begun (i.e. within 24-72 hours internal organs already begin to decompose).

Whatever Jesus did, He did "to the full, ABUNDANTLY."

My pondering led me to John 10:10 (here's the whole verse):

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Talk about a verse that fits the concept of "to the full!"

So, I played around with the verse and mapped it out for a while that afternoon.

Key Words: 

Abundantly. Greek: Periossos - meaning, super-abundant; more than you could ever anticipate; so full it overflows, as full as one can fill a container and then some...

Life. Greek: Zoe - meaning, a life full of vitality, animation, vigorous enthusiasm, dynamic excitement; zeal, bounce, sparkle...

That's probably enough for right now, 'cause here's the question that comes to my mind. 

On a meter of 1-10, how am I experiencing LIFE?

somewhere in the middle

I'll quit with a short story.

As a little girl, I always tried to sneak extra food onto my plate at meal times. 

My mother kept close watch on how much I ate.

Her line to me, always the same:  "You're finished. You've had a sufficiency. Any more would be superfluous (more than enough)."

With hands raised in praise, I can say that when it comes to our lives, the path we are walking, the journey as we step heavenward, Jesus is not my mom.

He's cheering us on, metaphorically heaping more and more on our plates, saying, 

"Live! I've come to give you LIFE and that LIFE is to be SUPERFLUOUS."

Is mine? 

Is yours?

If so, yay!

If not, why not...

Better yet, where am I on that "Zoe" meter / where are you... and where do we want to be?

So, in the next blog, we'll look at some potential ways the enemy of our souls tries to "steal, kill, and destroy" the fulness of life Jesus promises.

For's reflection time.  


What a great season to begin looking around to experience thanksgiving and the start of life to the full...

Be assured...even in the midst of struggle and the absence of strength, our God wants to pour into us "abundance of life." He is re-weaving our life-strings to create a beautiful tapestry of faith.


P.S. There will be no blog on Thanksgiving - may you all experience a Thanksgiving that is FULL of LIFE in EVERY WAY!!! May your GRATITUDE LIST be long and you overflow with praise for the blessings your Heavenly Father has bestowed upon you.

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  1. I’m chewing on the abundance He pours into our lives. We are blessed with peace, purpose and joy.
    Thank you for the reminder to praise Him as He gives until our lives overflow with Him.