Thursday, January 14, 2021

Grace, What Have You Done?

I've spent the past week in Isaiah 53. 

If you haven't read it recently, do so (no matter how familiar it seems to you).  

I've saved you the time, and linked you to it on Bible Gateway

With this freshly tucked away, consider the following...


As I began writing this week's blog post, I sat with the theme of my study on the screen right in front of me (you see it above from an iPad drawing I created as a reminder). 

In light of this, the first line of a contemporary praise song just popped into mind:

"Grace, what have you done?"

(I think you see why I began humming that line after reading Isaiah 53...)

Here are the next few words (and if you want to listen, a YouTube link is attached: Scandal of Grace):

Grace, what have you done?

Murdered for me on that cross

Accused in absence of wrong

My sin washed away in your blood

Too much to make sense of it all

I know that your blood breaks my fall,

The scandal of grace - you died in my place

So my soul will live!!!! (emphasis mine)

From creation, the minute Jesus, the Son of God, spoke man into existence, a plan had to be in place.

The fall of mankind was seen even then.

The inability to keep a law? Known from the beginning of time.

The need for a sacrifice to cover sin? Already established.

Shed blood required? Determined IMMEDIATELY...

A temporary plan put into place....

...Until, in the fulness of time, Jesus came!

Once, for all time, He would become a permanent sacrifice

God's kids couldn't stay out of sin.

Their hearts - deceitfully wicked.

Can you imagine Jesus looking at His "to do" list so the plan could come together? 

  • Despised by men
  • Rejected and forsaken
  • A man of sorrows
  • Fully acquainted with grief
  • One from whom men would hide their face
  • Despised
  • Esteemed not
  • Bear the grief of mankind
  • Carry mankind's sorrows (once for all through all the ages)
  • Smitten/stricken by God
  • Afflicted
  • Beaten/scourged
  • Pierced
  • Crushed 
  • Chastised
  • Wounded
  • Treated harshly
  • Struck down
  • Unjustly condemned
  • The iniquity of all placed upon His back
  • Oppressed
  • Anguished of Soul - the word that is used is the most intense word that can be used for one "depressed;" and, not for Himself, but for those who would not RECEIVE what He accomplished (✅ done!)...
  • Meant to be destined for a criminal's grave (but, blessed by being given a rich man's tomb)
  • Bore the sins of many
  • Counted among the rebels


For me!

For you!

That's what Grace has done ✅!

What a scandal!

A way of escape... 

A way out of the grave... 

A means so death would not have a final, hell would never be an option!

Since about 2014, articles sneak in from time to time about "Divine Child Abuse" from God toward the Son...

A ploy of the enemy to twist and distort the gospel story.

Sadly, many "professing" Christians are taking note of this and curiously contemplating, and, some have already bought into the lie, turning their backs on the TRUE GOSPEL for another twisted gospel...

I don't understand how...


He made the choice...

He looked at His "to do list," and Isaiah 53 declares He saw (before it ever happened) that "the Lord's good plan would prosper..." (v. 10b)

He saw "the multitudes of His descendants (those who would become "children of God" - John 1:12)..." (v. 10a)

He saw "all that His anguish would accomplish...." (v. 11)

AND...He would be "satisfied...." (v. 11)

His joy in enduring the cross - FULL to the UTTERMOST!

Jesus' eyes focused on me at the end of His ✅ DONE, and it brought Him joy as He went to the cross.

From cradle to the cross...From cross to the grave...From grave to resurrection...and, resurrection to ascension...Jesus has had His eyes on me.

And, the best part of it all is that He's had His eyes on YOU, too!

Now, He asks that we fix our eyes on Him... BUT...

What have YOU done with Jesus?

We know what Grace had done for us!!! 


If you aren't sure of your salvation...

If you ever wonder if you have taken care of all that Jesus has done for you...

Here are two more links to great messages (10 minutes & 20 minutes) from my husband! Take the time to know for sure where you are headed at the end of your earthly "to do list" ✅...

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