Thursday, April 20, 2017

Living in the Future Tense

This is the verse that caught my eye this morning...

There are days, and this is one of them, when I think, "Yeah, right!"

This verse is so not me.

Not, in any way.

I look at the deeper meaning of each of those words, and they are far from depicting my life this morning...
*glorious: having striking beauty or splendor that evoke feelings of delight or admiration 

*glorious: worthy of fame and honor

*crown: a symbol of victory and of position

* royal: dignified magnificence

* diadem (another word for crown): symbolizing dignity and authority

This morning, even after Easter's glorious celebration, I feel the weight of humanity's huge cancer: sin.

It's a little word.

Just three letters.

Yet, it's a disease that still threatens the health of my own heart.

And, I'm reminded - so quickly after the crucifixion and the resurrection - that God's cure for what is wrong with mankind (hence, me) must be taken in daily doses.

It's not just to be applied at the end of Holy Week.

Jesus' cure came one-time, for all, for all-time...

Yet, for me, it must be applied often...

God's cure? It's always the blood that purifies me of my sin (1 John 1:7b) - past, present...and, yes, even the future.

And, the good news found in Isaiah 62:3 -it's found in the first three words:


That's the encouraging part.

The expectation isn't sinless perfection.

The hope is the future tense...

And that is where I live today, and in each coming day: 

I am to live at all times in the future tense of tomorrow's HOPE.

For, "I will be a glorious (!) crown (!)...a royal (!) diadem (!) His Hand!"

And, my choice has been made for today.

I'll receive God's cure for what ails me, once again.

Pick up my glorious crown.

Straighten it.

Raise my head high.

Live like the princess I am...

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