Friday, March 24, 2017

Meditations on Brokenness

Lent Day 25.

It's late. I'm in Houston. Ready to finish the remainder of our trip to London. It's already been a long day. But, as follow-up to today's blog, I'm posting tomorrow's blog. Just a few little thoughts on brokenness from others to ruminate on at this junction of our #lentenjourney.

Thought 1: Paul David Tripp.

There are only two responses to the brokenness that complicates our lives: cursing or mourning.

Let's be honest.

Cursing is the more natural response.
It's natural to be frustrated.

But cursing is the wrong response. Cursing is fundamentally self-centered.

Mourning is a much better response.
It embraces the tragedy of the fall.

Mourning grieves what Sin has done to the cosmos, and longs for the Redeemer to come...and to make the broken world right again
Mourning is the response prompted by grace.

Cursing is the default language of the Kingdom of Self.
Mourning is the default language of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In brokenness, we grieve sin...and we seek the coming of Heaven.

Thought 2: Ann Voskamp

In our brokenness, we remember there is a doctor in the house.
He is a wounded healer.

He treats those hurt on the inside, just as readily as those who are hurt and broken on the outside.

Brokenness is not scary to Jesus, nor uncomfortable to Him.
He knows brokenness.

How are the broken, suffering hearts healed?
Suffering is healed by suffering.
Wounds are healed by wounds.

Bad brokenness is healed by HIS GOOD BROKENNESS.

The One whose breath births galaxies into being, births healing into the hearts of the broken.

Thought 3:

Follow this link, to an old (and I mean OLD) song, by Christian artist, Steve you finish meditating today. It's always been a favorite of mine.

Leaving us with this prayer:

"In sweet abandon, let me be broken out and used up for Thee..."

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