Monday, December 15, 2014

Advent Thought #16 - December 15

(...a continuation from yesterday)

Tis the season for Magnificats. Last night even God was verbalizing one of sorts in His own glorious display. He continues to remind me, even in His simple acts, I have a BIG GOD who is for a little me.
And, He has given me a joy-job!

MY MAGNIFICAT (of sorts)

My soul rejoices in the Lord
For He is the God of the Impossible-Made-Possible
He is the BIG GOD for the Little One
The God of BIG DEEDS
The God of HELP
The God of HEALING
The God Who Brings HOPE
Holy is His Name
Merciful is His Character
Grace is His motive
Powerful are His acts

My soul rejoices in the Lord
For He has chosen me to be
His instrument -
A vessel of honor,
Useful to the Master,
Prepared for every good work.

He has impregnated me
With the fulness of His Holy Spirit,
To spill forth
- faith
- wisdom
- grace, and
- life-changing power,

Because He has bestowed upon me
The Blessing
Of Bearing His Name
Wherever He might send:
- next door
- across the street
- within the state
- the country
- across the sea
- maybe, even to church!

So may I carry that name, like a phylactery
Bound to me for all to see
- to know
- to understand
- to agree
that I AM a follower of Jesus, the Christ

What precious, priceless cargo!
May I carry it as Paul must have after Ananias lay hands on him so long ago,
- proudly
- protectively
- possessively
- purposely, and with
- priority.

Certainly, he was persecuted.
Yes, ultimately put to death.
But along the pathways of his journey many praised God!
Because of Him,
Picked up the name, and
Carried on...

And when others see me - even from a distance,
May something deep within their spirits leap for joy,
Because they recognize that for me
To Live is CHRIST!

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