Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent Thoughts #13 - December 12

Yesterday, I left off asking myself a question, "Peg - what do you know?" I've thought A LOT about that for twenty-four hours.

Mary had no Bible.
Mary had no resources.
Mary had no teachers.
Mary wasn't allowed to be educated in a traditional sense.
I have a Bible; no, correction, I have many Bibles of different translations.
I have resources - bookshelves full of them, as well as a Kindle app filled to overflowing.
I have the internet, filled with teachers of high caliber and quality scholars.
I have total freedom to increase in wisdom and knowledge.

What do I know, though?

It almost seems the more "food" available, the less the hunger. What a sad indictment on myself in the midst of scholarly wealth and availability.

What do I know? And, why is it important? Because, Advent is near! Jesus will come again. As the time draws nearer, the more the enemy wrestles to divert attention, to close our minds, to hide the truth, to kill Peace. Just as he did the first time. This we should know, in the end times there will be more trial, tribulation, and persecution than ever before. We could easily find ourselves in a situation where Biblical information is as hard-to-get as other resources. The enemy fears his future, so he will attempt to increase fear in God's people, attempting to destroy in His wake for one last-ditch-effort to control.

Do I have a Mary-heart? A heart that ponders and longs for Truth? A heart that listens, and puts the pieces of the puzzle together? Not just to ponder, but to remember? Not just to reference, but to HIDE away forever? Not just to have available when needed, but to know and to have - to hold onto for future courage and perseverance?

May I never fear the future, but meet it head on, because I have faithfully studied to that end.
Advent is near!

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