Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Thoughts #6 - December 5

Hearts prepared. Advent is a time of preparation. That was another "job" of John the Baptist (Jesus' personal fore-runner). He lived to "turn the hearts of Israel back to their God (Matthew 1:16)." Israel had lost her focus. Israel had lost her zeal. Israel had buried truth, and commitment was, well, comfortable. Perhaps, we live to turn the hearts of the church back to our God.

In many ways, the bride of Christ has the same problems we read regarding God's Chosen. Yet, readiness starts with me! As I look toward the Advents of Christ's birth-celebration, and the Advent of His return, I want my heart, my mind, my soul to be ready. I sing, "Let every heart prepare Him room!" However, I should sing (if I could get them to fit the melody), "Let every intent of my heart be to prepare Him room!" Right now is a great time to re-set my soul, to ask some hard questions, and to repent, re-focus, and re-commit.

Am I doing what I can to be "internally fit" (a meaning of the Greek word for prepare)?
Am I mentally packing away truth I might need for the journey ahead (readying myself)?
Am I learning to love & live in wisdom and righteousness (turning my heart)?
Am I seeking to live justly (one who observes divine commands; and, who is "thinking, feeling and acting as one wholly conformed to the will of God")?
Most of all, do I recognize my brokenness, my NEED of a Savior, and LOVE HIM, APPRECIATE HIM, for whom He was born to die: me! When I do, all of the above become acts birthed out of grace, not law!

May John's mission be contagiously caught by all as we prepare room for our Savior, once again! And, may we catch the vision of fore-running....all the way to Christ's return. Advent is near! 

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